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One of the most heavily filmed and photographed cities in Second Life has some land available for either Residential, Commercial.. or even both! The City State of New Babbage was founded in 2007 and is a contiguous estate of 10 regions based on the theme of Steampunk and the Victorian era.

The city has also been featured in the Destination Guide since the guide first opened! 



All of the regions that make up New Babbage is mixed commercial/residential the only exception is Port Babbage which is mostly commercial only.

  • No Land Buy-In! - No upfront major charge for buying the land at the beginning, you pay 1L$ to buy the land, then start your tier payments at the rental box!.
  • All Builds Inspected - No worries about big pink neon glowing box builds appearing next door to you. All buildings, even new ones placed by existing residents, are inspected before they are placed down.
  • Steampunk/Victorian Theme - The entire city is set in the time period of the 1880's, with a major twist of Steampunk thrown in.
  • Formal and Informal Events - A city the size of New Babbage has regular events, whether it be the weekly ones like Foot Tappin Friday, or the large formal events like the ball at Piermont Landing. Socialising and getting to know your neighbours wont be a problem :D
  • Roleplay is OPTIONAL! - New Babbage is a themed city, set in the Victorian Era. However the RP side of it is NOT enforced. It is up to you whether you want to RP or not. We have left the city optional in order for folks to simply... look around and explore the city. No need for OOC tags, no need to dress up in period .
  • City of Builders - Worried that you cant build a home or store that will fit with the theme? New Babbage is well known in the Steamlands as the "City of Builders", someone in the city will be able to build your home or store building for you.
  • Engineers Sandbox - Land owners in the city get access to The Fells sandbox platform, a private builders sandbox in the northern end of the city.
  • City Transportation System - Trams and water taxis run across all the major sections of the city, a great way to show friends around all 9 regions.

 We also have our own drupal style website for RP blogs, event listings or general forum style chatter at http://cityofnewbabbage.net/

Landmarks to the listings can be found at the old dock in Port Babbage... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Port Babbage/38/91/106

If you fancy just visiting and wandering around, but want a homebase to plot your wanderings around then there are numerous hotels and rentals available in the city, including the "grand old lady of the steamlands" Brunel Hall Hotel (which is also in the Destination Guide and is the second of the three DG listings the city has)... https://secondlife.com/destination/brunel-hall-hotel-restaurant

Babbage Canals

BABBAGE CANALS #3 - corner lot by Cathedral and Imperial Theatre
1152sqm 386p L$460/wk

BABBAGE CANALS #7 - better for industrial style build
1920sqm 643p L$770/wk

BABBAGE CANALS #9 & #10 - Vernian Sea waterfront. lots of water. No terraforming. Use stilts or pilings if it doesn't fit. 
1440sqm 482p L$580 each

BABBAGE CANALS #11 - Vernian Sea waterfront. Old Steamweaver Shipworks lot 
1872sqm 628p L$750/wk

BABBAGE CANALS #25 - Vernian Sea waterfront, next to Library
1920sqm 643p L$770/

BABBAGE CANALS #28- southside wharfs, next to trolley terminal. (Old Edward Gorey house lot, redrawn for water access)
1456sqm 488p L$580/wk

Babbage Pallisade

BABBAGE PALISADES #19 - Lindt Lane with grand sewer access to do something interesting with
896sqm 546p L$650/wk

Babbage Square

BABBAGE SQUARE #17 culdesac area, would make a good pub or vice district. 
1536sqm 843p L$740/wk

Quarry Hill

QUARRY HILL #1 - Lindt Lane, corner lot
896sqm 546p L$650/wk

QUARRY HILL #16 - residential area, corner lot
1152sqm 702p L$840/wk

Wheatstone Waterways

WHEATSTONE WATERWAYS #22 across from Murgan Asylum
2224sqm 745p L$890/wk 

WHEATSTONE WATERWAYS #25 low lot on canals, can be raised or sunk. 
2400sqm 805p L$960/wk

Academy of Industry


Port Babbage


New Babbage




Vernian Sea


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