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Avalyn Valeska

Help with hairbases

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I always get awesome help here when I'm stumped, so here goes again. I've recently found some really cute hair bases for my Catwa head, and while I can see that I've put them on you can't see the whole hair base. The HUD asks if I want to put them on the Upper or Lower layer and it doesn't matter which I choose I still can't see the whole hair base. I've put on my Catwa head HUD and click and un click the upper and lower boxes, but that hasn't really helped either. Any suggestions? Thanks!




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Since your hair doesn't look like it has any alphas on it that will clash with the hairbase, there will be only two possible causes for this:

1: Your blend slider on the layer your hairbase is applied to isn't all the way across to the left.
2. You're wearing another applier that is applying to the hairbase layer (and thus removing your hairbase)

To fix no 1: If the slider is all the way across to the left, then sometimes sliding it all the way across to the right and then back to the left again will 'trigger' the layer into showing up.

To fix no 2: Try the following steps:

  • Remove your hair and all makeup, just leaving your skin applied.
  • Apply the hairbase onto the lower layer. If it applies correctly, all well and good. If only those wispy sections show up, check the blend sliders, as suggested in fix no 1.
  • Once the hairbase is applied, re-add (one at a time) any makeup and brows that you're wearing. If one of them takes off the hairbase, that's the culprit. I'll get to the fix for that (no 3) in a moment.
  • If the makeup applies correctly and doesn't remove your hairbase, re-add the hair. If all is well, the hairbase should stay in place. If it makes the hairbase vanish, take off the hair again. Does the hairbase come back? Not to worry, you have a solution (no 4) - as long as your hair is modifiable.

To fix no 3 (makeup or brows remove the hairbase) try the following steps:

  • Remove all layers so you're back to bare face again. (It's always best to work on a bare face when you're doing this.)
  • Apply the item (makeup, brows etc) that you know is removing the hairbase.
  • Open your Catwa Master HUD, and - with the LOWER layer button checked - click one of the black 'save' buttons in the relevant section. For example: if it's your brows that are removing the hairbase, save to the lower layer button on the 'brows' section.
  • Clear your face again.
  • Apply your hairbase and all other makeup, EXCEPT the one you saved to the Catwa Master HUD.
  • Go back to the Catwa Master HUD, and this time check the UPPER box in the area you saved the 'culprit' item in, and apply it directly from the Master HUD.

To fix no 4 (your hair removing your hairbase) you need to be able to edit the hair. If you can, watch this video to see how to change the masking on the hair and fix the alpha glitch issue.



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