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19 hours ago, Rider Linden said:

No need to be sorry, I welcome the feedback, that's why we've put the EEP viewer out there for feedback. 

I'd like to keep the trackball in place for most movements. But maybe we can fix the issue with the addition of a pair of controls that can allow for a more precise positioning.  (Azimuth and Altitude perhaps?)  

I was thinking along similar lines myself last need for the tools (sorry about typo in previous post), but got caught up in trying to figure out how to achieve something that doesn't over-complicated the UI.

The nearest I got was adding I got was to add something like a "clock face" around the spherical positioner, and then use a "start" and "finish" selection on that to set a track.

Problem with this is a) translating it to the timeline; b) and more critically, while it covers azimuth pretty well, it offers limitations on altitude for those who want really extreme  motion (like a high parabolic arc for an object across a narrow azimuth) *unless* cases like that remain "freehand" on the positioner. 

Certainly the trackball should be kept, specifically to allow a range of motions, like the parabolic one described above.

I'm tempted to ask about custom star fields (and motion!) for a future release, but I'd rather not have you chasing me around the grid with a bug swatter :) . Also, not actually sure how the "stars" are rendered for this to possible, even as an idea.



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