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Environmental Enhancement Project (aka EEP!) Feedback Thread

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Good morning everyone!  I’d like to start our first thread for Environmental Enhancement Project aka EEP!  EEP is a major enhancement to the legacy Windlight environments in Second Life, introducing a

I said i wouldn't do this but i tried it again and when just logging in already noticed another issue. Your own windlight is not permanent, every time i login i'm forced to see the awful daycycle that

Ugh. I've had my first test run just now, a short one but i just couldn't care less anymore after seeing this cluster*****, all i wanted was get it over with as fast as possible and close down the Vie

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After many months trying to convert all my windlight packs I have been able to get my stars and night light to help create a natural environment in SL.

I totally agree that the SL viewers can have EEP but also keep the old format until a high quality state can be reached.



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