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Environmental Enhancement Project (aka EEP!) Feedback Thread

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  • 3 weeks later...

After many months trying to convert all my windlight packs I have been able to get my stars and night light to help create a natural environment in SL.

I totally agree that the SL viewers can have EEP but also keep the old format until a high quality state can be reached.



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  • 6 months later...

I have to ask for help here because the custom day-cycle thing drive me nuts and my nights are way too long. So can someone please tell me how to cut it down so i get a 1 hr. long night... nothing more nothing less. I don't use any kind of other EEP settings.

@Rider LindenYou guys made this EEP thing way to complicated for us that aren't geeks or into uber technical stuff :(

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7 hours ago, Linnrenate Crosby said:

Is it a way to speed up the day cycle so it pass faster than 4 hours? I'm trying to make my automatic street lights to turn on when they should and with 4 hrs. cycle this has now taken me 2 days.. .and still not done :(

It seems that shorter day cycle than 4 hours is not possible.


"Day Length and Day Offset

Day Cycle progression on regions and parcels is calculated based on GMT.

The Day Length, as the name suggests controls how long the day on the region or parcel is. This can be any range between 4 and 168 real world hours."
**End of quote**

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23 hours ago, Linnrenate Crosby said:
Well... this sucks. While creating a custom day cycle on estate level just are a pain in the butt it's a different story on parcel level.
This happen both in the LL viewer and firestorm, also if you click the camera icon to play the timeline it crashes.... again on both viewers.

I can repro that.  I filed a bug report

BUG-231531 - [EEP] Viewer crashes when customizing parcel EEP

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