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Alexie Vlodovic

Ganymede Station - Calling all Sci-Fi and Expanse fans

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The invention of the Epstein drive by Solomon Epstein has propelled humanity further out into the solar system. Once limited to colonising the inner solar system, the new technology allows humanity to travel further and faster than it could before. Ganymede sits at the forefront of the new human colonisation effort of the outer solar system. It acts as the stepping stone to colonising the other moons and asteroid belt of the solar system. With a ground base now established, inhabitants of Earth and Mars are now migrating to the outer system in the hopes of building a better future for themselves and their children.

The Premise

I'm currently working on a sci-fi build set in the late 22nd century based on the Expanse series. It'll be set prior to the start of the expanse series focusing on the initial colonisation of Ganymede , one of Jupiter's moons and the largest moon in the solar system. The role play will be focused on player versus environment and developing character stories and relationships. Life will be set around living in a human outpost colony at the edge of human colonisation within the sol system.

I want to utilize the environment as a factor in driving group roleplay. The Expanse is set in the near future and is based on plausible science and realism, the authors have done a great job in utilizing this to drive the storylines. So things like life support systems failures, surviving in low gravity and its effects on the human body, manoeuvring ships realistically in space (orbital burns, Hohman transfers.

Being an outpost colony far from Earth and Mars' security forces and supervision, I also see Ganymede station as being rampant with crime and smugglers.

Moving Forward

What I'm looking for are keen sci-fi roleplayers that want to help develop the sim and flesh out the stories. I'm currently a one-man development team so work would be slow so any help would be appreciated.

Most importantly, I'm after roleplayers that just want to role play! Attached below are some images of the build so far.

PS. My in-world name is Alexie Vlodovic

And for those that are wondering, in the images is a to-scale replica of the Rocinante that is 50% done.



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Alas, I haven't the time for another rp involvement but I did want to say how good your project is looking, and to encourage you to continue.  Have you chosen a character for yourself to play?

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I was thinking of a smuggler and ship captain, as I also like exploring other sims I normally roleplay onboard a ship and use that to go sim hopping. Ganymede station I plan to use as a home base to refit, resupply and replace crew members.

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Hey are you still active?  I just saw on the Omega site that there is a mesh body named Louis that looks like a true elongated "Belter body"  like we saw in episode one.  (Avasarala was gravity torturing him)

I found it on the marketplace and saw you can wear female clothes (and hopefully head lol)

So now I wanna roleplay a character like the Belter "Working Girl" that was teaching language to the cop in the early episodes.  I just need a place.  :)

or maybe I'll just stretchhhh my Maitreya...

I want to dance and listen to loud Beltalowda music in the bar.  You have a bar right?





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