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Hi! I am currently looking to rent a house in a roleplay community for my friend and I. I fell in love with roleplay communities as they have things to do such a coffee shops, gaming, shops, events, clubs. Below you find specifics of what I am looking for, please comment any community that seems fit, it would really help out.

What I am looking for in the house specifically

- 2 bedrooms 

- One bathroom

-Kitchen, living room

-Option to pay for more prims if needed

-Budget: 1000L per week MAX 

-backyard (pool if possible)

What I am looking for in roleplay community

- Some sort of beach or city scenery

- sense of community, lots of people reside here and are active members. 

- Group for events going around the community

- Active events happening

-Places to go to such as shops; cafes, gaming places, clubs, etc

Communities I have ALREADY tried and have NOT found what I want (please dont suggest these)

- The vistas 

-Coastal Heights



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the rental and land sale sections is just below this one... perhaps try there, or try the RP groups inworld, they can direct you to what you look for.

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