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How do I creat an event on secondlife.com


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If you own the land your club is on, there should not be any problem.  Or if you meet any of the following criteria:

you may post an event on a parcel if:

  • You personally own the parcel and it is at least 512 square meters in size.
  • The parcel is owned by a group that you are an owner of, or that you have the 'host events' ability for, and is at least 512 square meters.
  • The parcel is in a private island that you are on the access list of, and is at least 512 square meters.
  • The parcel belongs to Governor Linden and is set to show in Search Places as a Hangout.
  • The parcel belongs to a friend, it is set to show in Search Places as a Hangout, and is at least 512 square meters.

When you go to Community/Events, and click the Submit New Event link under the calendar there, you should get a page with some event posting rules.  Read them, then click the "I Agree" button at the bottom.  You will then see a page like this:


The "Location" box will show all the land parcels for which you are allowed to create an event.  If you do not see your club's parcel there, then you need to go back to the first part of this reply.

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