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Beautiful spacious house to rent for 300 L per week. In a quiet residential area.

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Hello Everyone,

I have a large house with spacious rooms and a stunning garden area to rent on my 1024 sqm parcel!!

Rent for 300 L per week on a quiet roadside that is tucked away in a quiet residential area, where you can view the ocean easily. Can take up to 157 prims more to furnish the house. There are some pieces of furniture already placed but these can easily be deleted for the extra prims if you'd prefer. Actual house is unfurnished inside. There is plenty of space for a motorbike or a small sports car at the front of the house.

Please read the tenant's note card for more info, which is in the rental box situated behind the house. When you right click on it, press the info tab and then please press the 'keep' button when you see a message appear on the top right of the screen saying that 'Atlatus Sea Holders' has given you a note card. 

If you would like to rent please pay the rental box, for 1,2,3 or 4 weeks, then please IM me for a group invite so I can add you as a renter for this land. I will discount the price at 10% if 4 weeks of rent is paid straight away and will also add on a bonus week which will be rent free if you stay for more than 4 weeks in my lovely house, EVEN if you don't want to pay 4 weeks upfront first.

Please take a look at this land by following the link: Atlatus Sea Holders (198,16) Moderate 1024m (350 prims), Strata (213, 3, 47) - Moderate

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask me. I am very flexible when it comes to land use, so if for any reason, you would prefer me to delete the house so you can rent the land only, then please send me a message about this. Please note, I will only delete the house once the first week of rent has been paid, so please be sure that you would like the space and without the on it house first. 

Thank you,

Kindest Regards,



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On 9/25/2018 at 1:34 AM, AureliaBeata said:

Unfortunately, house and land are no longer available to rent. Land is now for sale at 2500L. Please see my latest advert for details.


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