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Sindee Bruun

Full Region for Sale 20,000 Prim

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Full region for Sale, Full rights, No Covenant, Terraform, ETC. $18995L weekly Tier. Grass or Sand. Water on Three Sides. This is a New Sim on the New Servers, very Low Lag. Contact me,  Sindee Bruun for more info.                                                 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bruun Manor/150/144/22 


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I question the mention of new servers.  After reading your ad I asked at the last Moncierge meeting about them - did they exist, did I need one? - and was told by a Linden that there weren't any.  Could you perhaps explain what you mean in that case?

And yes, this is in the wrong forum, so you could be missing your target readership.

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