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Garnet Psaltery

1/4 full region, quiet residential, excellent neighbours, L$3475 pw

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A quarter region offering 5,000 prims is available for a residence.  This is a quiet location, with established, excellent neighbours who take a pride in their homes.  The region has a Northern European/Canadian ambience, with gradual seasonal changes (we're moving into Autumn now).  You have the freedom of providing your own house and garden, woodland, or beach if you wish, or lower the ground for a water dwelling.   The rental cost is L$3,475 per week, and the land purchase price is L$100.  Full information is available in a notecard which you can obtain from the rental box menu.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Parte Tenebrosa/120/138/21


Parte Tenebrosa NW 230918.jpg

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