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44 minutes ago, DatAverageGuy said:

Hello! I'm new, I was wondering if there are any discord groups for SL? Thanks ?

Welcome to SL, I suspect while there may be many discord groups present in Sl there is no overarching one. For example many rp sims have a discord. The player base in sl is on the whole too large and disparate for one single group. Find people you fit in with and enquire with them I suggest

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I have one too ......

SL Virtual Worlds
For those who help keep alive the virtual world experience

Second Life, SL, and inSL are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. aka Linden Lab.
SL Virtual Worlds is **unofficial** and not affiliated with or sponsored
by the company.


* Safe & Regulated International Community ( no adult-content )

* Stay updated on virtual news, events & more

* Enjoy: dances, plays & comedy in the cinema room

* Watch LiveStream: gameplays, exploring & tutorials

* 7 language groups supported and more if needed



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The Transformational Meditation Group has a Discord Server running. We stream our meditation sessions life from Second Life to Discord. The server has come in handy for people that want to join the meditations but can't be on SecondLife at that moment. We also have a great ranking and reputation system on the server. 

You can join here. https://discord.gg/dhjfCnu

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