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TPV Meeting Cliffnotes - 21st September 2018

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Joined this week by Oz, Alexa, Rider & Grumpity Linden.

Seems Oz has been playing Golf https://i.imgur.com/DOj9xge.png

Lot of stuff in the pipeline as usual

  • Maintenance, Animesh and Bugsplat all in RC.
  • Bugsplat needs some work still and will be getting some tweaks to its updater.
  • Maintenance & Animesh are doing well and both candidates for promotion. Animesh might land next week, maybe.
  • BoM is waiting on a simulator update and bakes servers setting up. Required inventory changes are done.
  • Render viewer is kicking about, but still needs work.
  • EEP & EAM are not production ready yet. EAM should go to RC with the next update.
  • Simulator UDP asset fetches will be switched off January. This will only affect people on very old clients.
  • Custom name changes is progressing, although new premium offering is expected to go live first. No decisions on price yet.
  • It's dogfood day. Lots of Linden staff are in world exploring, messing about, shopping.
  • There might be new Linden Bears coming, they have having an internal build-a-bear workshop.

The TPV meeting takes place every couple of weeks at Hippotropolis. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hippotropolis/245/13/29


Reddit thread : https://www.reddit.com/r/secondlife/comments/9ht9cp/tpv_meeting_cliffnotes_21st_september_2018/


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