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Holiday Feast Hunt 2

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What: Holiday Feast Hunt 2
When: November 2-30
Application Deadline: October 18th
Online Application
Theme: Tell us what you would bring or wear to Thanksgiving Dinner!
Hunt Object: Turkey ($1L hunt)

What would you bring or wear to a Thanksgiving Dinner? Surprise us with your crazy dinner ideas.

1) Your hunt can not be in a club.

2) If your hunt is in a mall you need to supply a direct landmark to your store.

3) You must join the Finders Keepers Hunt Group if you wish to participate.
   (click, open in viewer and join)- Finders Keepers Hunt Group

4) Must have the hunt prim out with your hint giver.

5) You must provide a hint before you will be placed in the hunt.

6) Hunt gift needs to stay within theme.

7) Any incomplete applications will not be approved.

Visit The Office for Future Hunts:
Finders Keepers Hunt Office ( click, open in viewer and teleport to destination)

Thank you,
Cajuntease Resident

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I love hunts and do many, but if each hunt item costs L$1 then it might just as well cost L$1,000 each.

I won't play unless I specifically know what the hunt item is and whether I really want it. I rely on websites and blogs to show me a picture. Similar to buying without a demo, even if the cost is negligible. About 80 to 90% of hunt items are not suitable for me, that doesn't mean they're not good or nice, it just means they're unsuitable in style or need etc., for me.

Well done for organising another hunt though, I really like them, but not searching, finding, clicking, paying.

Searching, finding, clicking is much better. It's not about being stingy, it's about being careful with money and not paying for things which ultimately get trashed.

Hope all the one Lindens are worth it and add up to something significant.

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