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I have a lot of ad boards available in my club and some extra land and prim for a small store or whatever. There is 1435 prim left, skyboxes are welcome to the space to if not a store or w.e, if you are interested, hit me up on here or in world at Monaiesha, or look up The black unicorn and drop me a notecard with your info. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Real Angel Bay/158/204/23


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Hi Monaiesha :)

I see you're new here....welcome to the forum.

We're not supposed to post ads here. You probably didn't notice huh, just whizzing around and saw the Merchant category.

Things would just get junked up and out-of-hand I imagine, if everyone could advertise their stuff here. So this is just a place to discuss merchant concerns.

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