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Walking distance to School!

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Cocoa Bay Estates

107  East Shore Road

ROOST - New Port


Beautiful 3 story home made of 100% Original Mesh that is custom created by us.

Main floor has a large joint kitchen/living area, double french doors leading to the back deck from the livingroom and to the main floor bedroom (that has a separate closet room and bathroom).

Gorgeous dining room also on the main floor with 3 walls of windows to catch the scenery outside.

Then upstairs has a closet and bathroom, and the large bedroom has french doors leading to private balcony and another set of doors that open up look down over the main floor of the Living area.

Walking distance to School!


The cost of this rental is L$2400 per Week, with a land impact allowance of 1600. It is currently available for rent!

It's Original, it's Authentic, it’s Cocoa Bay

Beautifully landscaped, professionally terraformed    

On the Destination Guide > Role-playing Communities > Urban/Noir > Cocoa Bay Estates       


Role Play your way at Cocoa Bay

Premiere Role Play Residential and Business Community  

12 Sims of Family Fun !




Over the Tappan Zee Bridge in the state of New York is Rockland County, home of Cocoa Bay Estates.  Here you will find a great place to live with a growing community for a couple or a family to settle down in. Spacious living, open yards, individually landscaped with many different high quality home styles to choose from with a coffee shop, games, clubs, sports bar, ballroom, Next Gen INC. Adoptions, and more!   



Amenities you will find around Cocoa Bay include:

  • Orchards, winery, and the Wine & Dine restaurant

  • Children’s playground & parks

  • Children's Center

  • Next Gen INC. Adoptions

  • Pleasant Shore Elementary School

  • Gas station

  • Police Department RCPD

  • Fire & EMS

  • Judicial System

  • Department of transportation

  • Bratsville Pub

  • Diner

  • Queens Grand Ballroom and Theater

  • Kings & Queens Lounge

  • Large pier and marina

  • St. Leo’s Medical Hospital

  • Bicycles to tour our community

  • Child Protective Services

  • City Hall

  • Bank

  • Cocoa Cash RP money system

  • Boat slips

  • Post office

  • Bakery

  • Towing

  • Taxi cab, city bus, limo services, private driver, and more

  • Organized crime RP

  • Pre school

  • Radio station

  • Draw bridges & lift bridges and waterway

  • Community events, parties, DJ’s, and tons more

  • Wildlife, feeding deer, ducks, raccoons, nature sounds, and more

  • Residential Mailbox (with mail delivery)

  • Shopping Centers, gachas, apparel, car stores, and more

  • 7seas Fishing

  • Life 2 Gym

  • Waterways for boating and swimming

  • Seasonal changes for community

  • Welcome Center & Community Center

  • Security systems

  • Working phones (house & payphones)

  • Life 2

  • and so much more




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1133 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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