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Sara Sullivan

Parcels now available from Three Sisters (4k, 8k and 16k)

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Looking for land, Come see why a majority of our residents have been with us for 10 years or more.



Private Island Benefits 
All Private island parcels are deeded to our residents with full land rights. 
All Parcels include prim bonus 
4096 = 1875 Prims 1250$/Week 
8192 = 3750 Prims 2500$/Week

apartment skyboxes are also available. 
all use Multi-scene with a variety of skybox options

10% Discount for monthly payments. after 6 months all payments receive 20% Discount.

Three Sisters benefits for all residents Mainland or Island 
◊ Free store space for residents who create items for sale 
◊ Free use of Event locations for hosting Public events 
◊ Free Monthly gifts and 2500L gift certificates from Smart Tarts located on Kaunu Isle.

ALL parcels come with homes and landscaping, Private island residents can return anything they do not want to use.




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