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Looking for a sister! or brother!

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Hey everyone, I'm looking for an active fun and loving sister or bro

About me:

-My interest: I love art/photography/design/making videos, racing, zombies, exploring, fresh gossips, pixel meals, pranking ya while you're afk???

-My personality: random, hyper class clown (better hold onto your hair), nerd, down to earth, friendliest when not hungry. 

If you would like to get to know me, feel free to contact me In-World  OR leave me a message on the forums and pray I see it some day!

PS: Human avatars preferred but I keep an open mind, Keep it PG overly solicitious avie/profiles will not be considered. Oh and my SL is a drama-free zone, I would like to keep it that way, yah? lol




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I would like to have a sister but I am not active on second life currently. If you don’t find anyone to be your sibling on here.look for a adoption agency.

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