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Game is crazy laggy even with good system/internet.

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Hey everyone,

So last night, I decided I'd download SL again after probably 5+ year's - I didn't have the best system before so it was really laggy so I quit playing...thing's haven't changed.

Here's my specs

Intel Core i7 2600K (3.4Ghz) overclocked to 4.4 Ghz

GeForce GTX 1060 6 Gig GPU

16GB Ram

150Mbps internet - Wired directly with Cat 6 - Speed test confirmed speed along with about a 4-5 ping.

So, obviously, my system & ISP can't be the problem? I can play pretty much all AAA titles on Ultra settings at 1080P no issue's.

Any idea's? I'd love to really get back into it but this is frustrating.


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There's definitely something wrong.  I have a GeForce GTX 1060 with 6Gb memory and an Intel i7 CPU on my new laptop, same as you, except that my CPU is not overclocked and is running at 2.2 GHtz. I don't have the benefit of a fiber optic connection here in the great rural midwest, so my Internet speed is nowhere near yours.  Still, I have over 60 FPS in world, even if I max out my draw distance  (which I don't do often ).  I am using ALS. I have essentially no packet loss and a ping time that's averaging between 75 and 100.  So, with a system that is comparable to yours except for a slower Internet connection and an slower CPU, I have a very acceptable in world experience.  Time to ask some questions:

Do you have the same laggy experience everywhere in SL or just in certain regions?

Have you tried using a different SL viewer?

Have you tried connecting from a different RL location?

What is your packet loss?  And your Ping Sim time?

Have you rebooted your router and modem?

How much other stuff do you have running on your machine at the same time?

Somewhere in all of that are clues to whatever is wrong.  Chances are extremely high that it's on your end.  If it weren't, we would be seeing a lot of other people with the same complaint.

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Lag as in low FPS?
Or lag as in you are walking and keep rubber banding and things you type comes out slow?

If it's the first make sure your draw distance isn't set too high. 128 to 192 meters should be ok on a 1060. Also consider simplifying your shadows, or even turning them off.

If it's lag when you walk and talk you might have set your network bandwidth too high, this is a less-is-more setting, lower it to 850 to 1024.

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1 minute ago, Zach Verlack said:

No issue with FPS's I believe, just "rubber banding" and everything is slow.

Ah.  That's a little different, then.  The next set of questions:

What's your avatar complexity? (And, closely related ... how many attachments are you wearing, including HUDs? )

How many scripts do you have on you?

Have you rebooted your router and modem?  (I know, I asked before.)

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Press SHIFT+CTRL+1 ... third item from top .. 

If this says anything other than 0.0% .. you're going to have bad time.

Step 1 go to the mainland region KARA - this is an empty full region and will rule out problems with whatever regions you're hanging out on.

Step 2 reduce the bandwidth slider in prefs to about 200 .. it's doesn't apply to most of the data SL downloads, it's badly named and a little misleading.

Step 3 troubleshoot your connection - wired lan over wifi, reboot your router and other network gear, if problem persists call your ISP and tell them you have problems with UDP traffic, be persistent.

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