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Gareth Kanarik

Would one of these run SL for me? I need a new computer!


I need a new computer and spotted some HP ones for sale.







Obviously, they are not all the same price. Would any of these do the trick? Why would one of the more expensive ones be better?

I admit I know nothing about computers, I turn them on like the microwave and pound the keys to talks. I run SL on mid to high graphics, but not ultra, I don't need anything extraordinary, just to be able to play, my old one is not running it at all, I can't move if I sign in, even in my skybox.


Thanks for any advice.




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I would not recommend any of these for SL.  Their processors are underpowered, they have minimum RAM, and worst of all, all three of them have Intel integrated graphics rather than a dedicated graphics card.

Here is one solution that I would recommend...there are thousands of others.


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The i3 7100T one actually wouldnt have too many issues with SL, its integrated graphics would handle SL fine and 6gb of ram is enough for SL + a few browser tabs or whatever. The difference in cost seems to mainly come down to the processor they used, the i3 model is more expensive because its a more expensive, more powerful processor. Not to mention things like more/less ram or different screen resolutions.

SL is a game that relies on a good processor, for SL you want the best processor you can afford in a system.

I would suggest looking into a variety of different prebuilts, though if an all in one system is a must, try these, all three will run SL fairly smoothly, but dont expect maxed out always perfect framerate kind of performance.


this one is a little more expensive but would perform a bit better


this one is very expensive but has a dedicated GTX 1050 graphics chipset that would greatly help out the graphical side of this game



for all other purposes though id suggest the first one, it isnt fancy but it'll perform fine for SL and its fairly cheap, looks nice too, there are a couple different model variants with more or less ram on newegg

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The first link shows a page with a number of computers. Some are better than others.

Of the better… The Intel Pentium J3710 Processor is a 2016 model quad-core, which sounds good. But, the speed is 1.6GHz with bursts to 2.6GHz. This is REALLY SLOW. SL is very CPU speed sensitive. You want a CPU in the 3+GHz range with bursts at or over 4GHz.

4GB of RAM is a minimum per the Lab. I think 8GB is the workable minimum.

They aren’t giving us much in the way of specs. I never trust those types of ads. Whatever, they do NOT mention a video card. So, they are likely relying on the CPU which has HD Graphics 405. That is pretty low end. I would guess even medium viewer settings will tax the system.

The second link… this is a better machine for SL.

The CPU is an Intel Core i3-7100T. This is a Q1-2017 release that is quad-core and runs at 3.4GHz. Yay!

The ‘T’ suffix means it is power optimized. I’m not sure what that means for running SL. We usually go for performance not power saving.

Again, no mention of a graphics card. So, they are likely relying on the Intel® HD Graphics 630 built into the CPU. The HD graphics are designed for streaming movies, think Netflix, and Facebook games. It should run SL pretty well on medium settings. But, not what I would consider a fun experience.

Also, these All-In-One type computers tend to run hot, meaning a shorter life before problems set in. Because they are jammed into a small space they are difficult if not impossible to upgrade.

So, while I think you could run SL on the second link machine, I wouldn’t recommend it.

You can search this forum for ‘Best Computer for SL’ and similar queries and find numerous recommendations.

Look in eBay and Amazon for deals. You can get new, refurbished, and used computers at good prices. Get more for your money. For instance eBay i3-7700 computers with NVIDIA graphics

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