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Lizard Howl

Grandfathered Full Sim Tier Date 20th

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Grandfathered sims tier rate is $195/month instead of $249/month. So you save $54 every month. But LL charges $600 to keep the grandfathering in a transfer.

It is pretty close to it's tier date, LL would only have 3 biz days to complete the transfer, and let's face it, they are usually not that fast. So I am going to set the price assuming that I will have to pay the $195 on Sept 20th. We can work those details out and put explicit instructions in our tickets to make sure everyone is protected on the deal and nobody overpays.

To buy with grandfathering and not pay tier until October 20th: 500 + 600 transfer fee, total purchase price $1100

IM Lizard Howl in world to make the deal.



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