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$50L p/wk Fully Furnished/Decorated Skyhomes + 1 week free + $10L Adboards

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$50L Per Week for a limited time and 1 week free with full month payment - $10L Ad Boards in our office


  • Please do not contact us about wanting to rent a unit. Simply visit our office and use our self serve rental boxes.
  • Be sure you ACCEPT the landmark and notecard given to you automatically when you pay the rental box. 
  • We do not offer a prim allowance. Please use a sandbox for rezzing and unpacking.



Thank you for your interest in renting one of our pre-furnished & pre-decorated skyhomes! Perfect for newbies and people on a budget. If you want to see a sample of our skybox, contact us using our contact form!

We have 3 units available, all are 2 stories high. Each unit has a full living room suite with media TV, full kitchen & dining set, dance poses for singles and couples, outdoor patio with furniture, bath tub and full living room. We also offer an easy to use security orb to all tenants so you can eject intruders and invite your friends over!

These units are suitable for adult singles or couples. Most furniture is animated for couples. If you need a bed for just a single person, we can provide one. However, we can not swap out any other furniture.

Please view our photos for an inside look of our units.

NOTE: We do not provide any prims for rezzing objects or shopping boxes, please use a sandbox for this. 

Our In World Office (Please copy and paste this link into your viewer): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plain Jane/53/24/2501

To Contact us with questions or to schedule a unit tour (do not contact us about wanting to rent, visit our office and use our self serving rental box), use our contact form: http://bit.ly/2gXdbPq


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