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Blush Bravin

Your Prediction: SSP = Linden Homes or What?

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2 minutes ago, Blush Bravin said:

My bet is on Linden Homes with a game tie in.

with some land auctions tied into it as well I would imagine.  I guess we will see.

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5 minutes ago, Love Zhaoying said:

The game tie-in could be a distraction. When I brought the game up in the original thread, I was slapped down. But I agree with the assertion.

When the topic of improving Linden Homes came up at the town meeting, Ebbe said Patch is hard at work on it and that it's a really big project. I'm guessing but seems it's more than just Linden Homes going in there. So we will see. It's intriguing.

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My guess is, considering how it has mountainous terrain, it is probably not new Linden Homes, unless they are going to be very clever with it and allow for struts on houses automatically. It is possibly similar how Horizons is, a game tied in with community.

9 hours ago, Callum Meriman said:

Sansar Saving Project. It will raise working capital that Ebbe can plow into Sansar.


I can see my land from there!

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