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What mesh bodies do you use?

Tess Falworth

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So, I am trying to get an idea of what mesh bodies are used the most. I have a general idea that perhaps Maitreya is the one that is most popular, with Slink and Belleza there as well.. but, even after looking at various surveys, I'd like to get some more input. For example, I have seen a trend of creators selling clothes for Maitreya, Slink Hourglass, and Belleza Freya ONLY, and not including the other bodies. I personally would like to be more inclusive, but I also don't want to waste my time.

If anyone has any input, please let me know!


Thank you!

Tess Falworth


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Teegle, Lil Manticore, Nuko, Bakemonya King Cheetah, ...

Oh you mean humie?

Yeah mostly the big three but I saw a lot designers pick up Tonic recently. Not necessarily mainstream designers though, those stick to the big 3 more or less dooming us for eternity to stay with them. (but also compatibility - Tonic cannnot wear alternative hands rigged to the slink wrists, slink, belleza and maitreya can - want nonstandard hands? Stick with the big 3 :/)

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I own all the old ones going all the way back to the WowMeh, but haven't bought any of the newer ones since the Maitreya body was first released. I had those because I made applier stockings for most of them, but as my sales kept narrowing by a huge degree to only Maitreya sales I stopped making for the other bodies.

I personally only wear the Maitreya body as do all my alts that use a mesh body.

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I use Belleza Freya, if I feel like it I’ll wear Isis or Maitreya. I also have an Hourglass, but I’m over manually switching feet, so I haven’t worn it in a while.

I think most creators stick to one or two bodies because rigging for different bodies is a lot of work. The demand for clothes is so high that there is a lot of pressure to constantly put out stuff to stay relevant. So they just put out what is most popular.

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Personally I own Maitreya Lara and all 3 Belleza Bodies and I wear Maitreya most but sometimes Isis..  As a clothing designer I  prefer to include at least Maitreya,, Belleza all 3,  and Slink both physique and hourglass. If I use a template mesh made by someone else I will not even consider purchasing it unless it has all three of those.  Sometimes I will put out some Tonic both, and at times I will include eBody or even TMP  or some of the Jumo like werewolf and fox.   But as I said at the very least the "big 3"  must be included.   If I am making appliers again it will be for those 3 as well plus OMega.   Fact is there are just too many out there to do them all,  given the time it takes to make for and the return in sales,  it just is not worth it to do more.

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I have Maitrea, Tonic, Eve, Slink Physique, and the three-pack of Belleza. I like aspects of all of them, but I keep coming back to Belleza Venus, mostly because I like the legs (especially at the knees) and the breast-profile best. For me, the Maitreya legs are too "chop-stick"-looking and the knees look like they'd snap if I tried to pick up anything weighing more than 30 pounds LOL. I like the Eve, except for the shape of the butt. I hate that butt (thigh-to-buttocks transition). I like the Slink a lot, but it feels a little too thin for me, I can't get it to look right for my desired overall shape. I love, Love, LOVE the Tonic, but there is definitely something *wrong* with the butt: anything smaller than 30 on the slider and it... well, just looks all kinds of wrong from any 3/4 view.

I like the Freya (Isis is a bit too heavy-looking for my taste (And I may have those to bass-akwards.)

I find that my Belleza Venus allows me to have a nice "toned" look with a bit of that RL flubber (snickers). And I love how Belleza supports all three physics because along with butt and boobs, I *do* add a little rolly-polly belly wiggle. bahahaha. Hey, I even put 10 points into my shapes "Face Sheer," Eye-pop, nose, and mouth - how many of you do THAT!? (And I am always complimented on my look.)

For some reasons a lot of creators who used to support Venus have stopped. But that's okay; I have a lot of money to burn monthly, I just throw it at the creators who still do. :D

Edit to clarify: The reason I express all that in the first paragraph is so others may know the "why" I stick with Venus. I am ay-nall about my look, I've been 12 years in constant tweaking (obviously only the last few when mesh was available). As for you creators who still support Venus: Good for you. I really do have a large budget for my SL (Because I never buy Starbucks coffee!) And I buy lots of stuff all the time. So you go ahead and keep throwing in for Maitreya (yes, you really should), but also know this: the fewer continuing to support Venus, the more likely I will come to you, right? LOL

~Now runs to check out @Tazzie Tuque's shop~

Second edit to add: When a creator supports all three Belleza bodies, then drops Venus - they're not going to know how many of their older outfits are purchased by Venus users who will then stop looking (much less: continuing to shop) from them because we are not going to bother letting them know we are using Venus bodies (and thereby removing them from our shopping list of creators.) I think the *issue* is that you creators bundle all body versions into one box rather than each body version into a separate box. Sure, it may be a little bit of work to do that, BUT then you'll know which body versions continue to sell, rather than presume it's always the Matraiya or just not knowing at all which version that's in demand. When I leave a review I always try to specify that I purchased for my Venus - just to let that creator know, but I don't always remember. Just saying.

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The human ones?

  • Signature Geralt on main and 4 alts.
  • Signature Gianni on main and 2 alts.
  • Aesthetic on 1 alt.
  • Slink Physique Male on 2 alts.
  • Slink Physique Female on 1 alt.
  • Belleza Jake on main and 4 alts.
  • SMB on 1 alt
  • TD on 1 alt
  • Tweenster on 1 alt

Don't get me started on the heads. Each avatar has three or 4 heads.

If you would like the feral ones let me know, I have almost as many feral bodies as human ones :D

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3 hours ago, Callum Meriman said:

. Each avatar has ....

addicted?... no not at all....grins :)


signature Gianni

signature Geralt

Ex Machina Davide

Slink Physique male

Slink Physique female

Belleza Jake

TMP male ( trashed!)


C. Victor

C. Daniel

C. Stanley

C. Shaheen

C. Justin

C. Dino

C. Paul

Vista male

Lelutka Andrea 


to prevent a shock i won't mention the quantities, i don't want to see myself how much L$ i spend on my looks.




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Lessee.... Kemono, Kuroo, Hallowpup, a Signaure Geralt that I need to buy clothes for (and for there to be a wider variety than modern casual), Manticore. And those are just off the top of my head. I'm certain to have a few more niche ones.

I prolly should buy a Lara if I want to wear clothes, but there's too much other stuff to buy.

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