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REDUCED RENT! Atlatus Sea Holders 1024 sqm flat roadside land For rent only 375 Lindens per week

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Hello everyone,

I have a pleasant and gorgeous flat piece of land right on the road and extremely near the beach, where you can rezz a sky box or build your home. The roads are very interesting around this area and you can enjoy plenty of road trips to interesting places. You are allowed to terraform the land but please read the tenants notes before doing so. If you like the look of the land and area, I will send you a group invite after you pay the casperlet rental box. As a group member of Atlatus Sea Holders, you will have power over quite a list of controls because there is no covenant. All is explained in the tenant's info. If you pay for 4 weeks in advance then you will automatically be refunded 10% of your Lindens spent. If you stay on the land of more than four weeks, then you will get a bonus week of a rent free stay. This is all built into the casperlet rental  system so the right amounts of lindens can always be managed easily. Just right click on the caperlet rental box for more info.

I look forward to meeting any new renters in person...inworld...to give you a warm welcome and answer any questions you may have. Your powers of editing the 'about land' will be active once you are added to the group and the deeding of the land is final..this takes less than 1 min to do with no extra charge to you..it is free to join the group.Please follow this link to take a look at the land: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Strata/186/16/47

Thank you for your time!

Kindest regards,


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