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eventhough in Blender the weightpaint is smooth, it appears InGame very broken.
Please take a look on the screenshot.
Why is that?

The vertices InGame are also shaking.
Why is that?

I'm using Blender 2.97b and Avastar 2.0.22 on Windows 10 and uploaded the mesh with FirestormOS





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Couple of things that might help:

- check that you have no vertices assigned to more than 4 groups: Avastar ToolBox >Weight Limit
- if that's the case: go to Tools > Weight Tools (the standard Blender ones) > Limit total; select 4 in the operator window
- ideally, you'll want to limit the gradients in this case because it looks like a metal bracelet -- you don't want it to move like fabric or skin

- you then want to make sure that all the weights add up to 1. Select Normalize All in Weight Tools

- then check your weights again, making sure it moves properly after those changes

Also, this looks very smooth -- make sure you haven't subdivided too much. I've never tested it, but vertices being too close to each other are likely to cause issues as well.


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As raindrop says check the weight assignment and it definitely like very dense which won't help, especially if the following is true.... 

Are you at altitude?

That distortion is typical of rounding errors that are well known when viewing mesh at altitude. Check this by repeating the test on the ground not in a sky box or platform 


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