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My path to Quaternions

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I came across Quaternions in Second Life and after a struggle to understand them gave up.  But, after looking at this video just once (so far) an understanding has begun to dawn.  So i thought I would offer it to others who have stumbled onto SL's Quaternions as a path to understanding them:  Youtube, Quanta.

However, I have not yet achieved Quaternion nirvana.  I'm still working on transferring the above to SL and Blender implementations.  But.... Progress!!

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It's a great video (like every video by him), but I don't think it's necessary to understand how quaternions work in order to use them. In LSL  (and almost every programming language) we have functions that abstract away the complexities of quaternions.

Of course, it's different if you plan on implementing quaternions or something involving the individual components.

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