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I don't know where to go...

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So, what I'm looking for might be a challenge to find... it has been for me for a little while...


When I first started roleplaying in SL, I could find places that would allow you to play as a child character (Knowing you're an adult behind the keyboard, of course,) but you could also play as a fae, elf, whatever.

I've found some cool fantasy, both medieval, and not, that are fun to play in, but not one of them allows a character to not be an adult. It's making me a bit depressed, as I'd love to play my teen fae as I intended. I'm indifferent on what kind of setting, medieval, modern, scifi, whatever. I'd just like to play him as I created him...


Any suggestions? 

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You should look up Emory Haven. ^^ it's a family friendly, modern setting that allows supernatural/fantasy characters of all ages. ❤️

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Sorry to hijack the post for a moment, but honestly Rahul, you start being quite annoying. So far you have 16 posts in this forum and pretty much every single post of yours in every board has only been made to boost your own sim Acacia Falls. I think you may misunderstand the purpose of the SL forum a bit here. Not only are some posts in here against some of the board's posting rules. It's also becoming seriously annoying, if that is all you have to contribute here to the forums. I think we all know about your sim now after you name-dropped it once, twice or 3 times. I doubt you really need to drop your sim name in every god damn post you see popping up in any (RP related) board. That's not the way to properly advertise your sim AND actually contribute to the forums in a beneficial way.

Just saying, sorry guys. ;)

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