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Buzzy Bee Rentals has ground-level homes starting from L$20 per week (depending on availability). My homes include waterfront beach/river homes, hillsides with views, and "city" locations.

Empty ground-level spaces are also available, to place your own home.

All of my rental homes have visual and audio privacy. No outside avatar can see avatars inside a land-parcel nor detect their conversation, and vice versa. Every ground-level house also comes with a security system.  

Everything is negotiable. You can mix-and-match my furniture to create your own style, or replace my objects with yours.
You choose your prim/LI limit (depending on availability), and therefore you determine your rent.
You could receive a 10% refund of your rent each week by keeping your rent paid four weeks in advance and including my office in your Profile Picks. Some conditions apply.
I invite you to visit my office for further information.

Visit:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dzalarhons/235/25/101

When you arrive, use the teleporter to visit the "Ground-Levels and Retail" floor.

From there you can collect a notecard listing the available homes that day.

Bee Nexen, Buzzy Bee Rentals.

(Sky-homes are also available, starting from L$5 per week).



Small cottages start from L$20 per week.



Beachfront cottages (as seen on the right) start from L$26 per week.



Horizons homes start from L$35 per week.



Some Nautilus City homes (such as the one seen above) start from L$35 per week.



Some Nautilus City homes (such as the one seen above) start from L$40 per week.



Bay City and some Nautilus City homes (such as the one seen above) start from L$80 per week.



Large waterfront houses start from L$80 per week.



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