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Havna is a Scandinavian marina and archipelago estate at the end of the world. Peaceful and friendly it's a great base for your sailing with access to Blake Sea, but privacy too if that's your desire. We have islands and boathouses to rent, as well as boat-slips in the small dock at the public main area. On the main public area, overlooked by our lighthouse, enjoy the fountain area, with stage close by for events, the rock area with public bathing, and across the bridge the private island with its own sauna and places to relax.

Rent an island and create your own slice of heaven, or rent a boathouse or boat-slips. If you fly then check out our SWEA airport, with hangers and tie-downs to rent. Sailing or flying Havna is cozy and well managed.

Currently available:

Boathouse 450L/wk for 200 prims

Boat-slips/docking 225L/wk for 150 prims

Havna Stagem 2428L/wk for 1079 prims
Havna Tornetresk 2417L/wk for 1074 prims

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact either Melissa (melissa lowtide), kungen666 or LauraBeth Outlander (laurabethlee).

welcome to Havna_001.jpg

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