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Ninah Puchkina

SAT 9/1: Mysteries of UB no. 33 LIVE VIDEO Watch Party

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All-new program, tomorrow @ 10am PDT... 
on the live video stream *(plus party in Second Life)... 
well worth the time for the 2-hour drone-immersive experience... 
tune in (details below)


COMING UP Saturday, September 1st, 2018
10am-1pm SLT / 17.00-20.00 GMT / 19.00-22.00 CEST

MYSTERIES of UB experimental TEE VEE
live video watch party in Second Life 
at Autonomous Media Playground
(Sinfro 203, 239, 100)

featured sound artists: 
TOM DJLL http://tomdjll.com/ 
BIG CITY ORCHESTRAE http://ubuibi.org/ 
& hypno-immersive video by uBmonkey 

Come hang out inworld for the screening & enjoy the atmosphere 
at Autonomous Media Playground. The film length is 2 hours from 
start to finish. Screenings are broadcast LIVE in realtime using 
our own video stream. We also show a couple of movie shorts 
before showtime. 

WORKS BEST WITH Firestorm + SL Viewer 

The AMP cinema features uniquely optimized video screens so that 
audience members on all platforms can enjoy a simultaneous and 
immersive LIVE experience. 

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