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not sure what happened when but within the last week my viewer's showing any and all objects that have any glow in a very irritating way. as you can see by the image, the object seems to duplicate itself. no matter where i have the camera, from the other side of the grid or zoomed in, the anomoly appears. any hints what's causing this?



glow glitch1.png

glow anomoly2.PNG

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4 hours ago, Whirly Fizzle said:

If you're using Firestorm, have you fiddled with any of the glow settings in Phototools?

i never use it. only thing i did as soon as the glitch showed up was to clear the checkbox Graphics>Rendering>"Render glow" in preferences. now that you mentioned it, i see the Glow Settings for the Phototools thingy are Quality:9, Iterations:1, Strength:0.5, Luminance:1, Warmth:30, Width:50, Alpha:100.

winding them all down to zero seems to handle the problem. i'll have to wander about some more and see if it shows up any more but for now, yippeeyiokiyay!!! wish i'd asked earlier before i Derendered & Blacklisted all the offending objects, duh. Thank you Millions Whirly.

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