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When a SL client for iPad Will be made?

House Magnifico


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Thanks Cobra, set this up fairly quickly. It took a bit to figure out how to use the gestures but once I got the hang of it, went very well. Also, needed to reload SoundFlower, but once that was loaded picked up the music stream nicely.


This experience begs the question, when will LL or someone else develop a viewer for iOS/Android, or both. This doesn't need to be the feature packed version we have on desktops and laptops but one designed for viewing vs. building etc. SL is missing a real opportunity to increase concurrency numbers and bring back people who have left or access less frequently than in the past. I look at not only my habits but also non-tech friends who spend 80% or more of their computer time on an iPad. While I still use the laptop to do heavy lifting work on I increasingly do everything else on the iPad or iPhone.


The approach you described above, written on 5/25/2011 - two years ago is still the only viable approach for iPad or other mobile device. The fact that this approach made the tweat rounds this week means a lot of people who know quite a bit about SL were not using this approach. Splashtop + the mobile app is one step but not the real step that should be taken. LL or a 3rd party needs to implement a solution...my two cents.


Thanks for posting your reply in 2011. Wish I had seen it earlier.

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Download an app called Splashtop.  Its a remote control program like Logmein or VNC, but its designed to work with games and multimedia.  You will have to install a server program on the computer you run SL on, and the computer will have to be on.  There is even a beta feature (which works, I've used it) that allows your computer to be discoverable on the internet using your gmail account, so you can use it outside of your local lan.  Performance on the local lan is nothing short of spectacular.  I've also used it tethered to my 4g phone, and while its laggier than over the lan its still very playable.  I have yet to try it via a remote wifi, but if it works this well on 4g I'm sure it would be decent.

There are two main advantages that splashtop has to other remote control programs I've use:

1) Its tailored for games, so there is FAR less lag.  On the local lan its almost as smooth as sitting at the PC.

2) It streams audio as well as video.  I don't know if it works for voice, (I think the audio stream is only 1 way so probably not), but it works great for listening to a live music performance or something.

Anyway, give it a try.  There's a free version you can try out first that times out every five minutes, more than good enough to get a feel for it.  I like this way better than pocket metaverse (which I use on my Ipod Touch), because you get the full, graphical second life experience.

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Pocket Metaverse allows you to Chat, IM and Pay people L. 

It does not render the scene around you, and you don't see anything or anybody.  But if you need to quickly message somebody or quickly reach someone inworld, it's a fine solution.  As a regular viewer?  Nope, you'll still need a real computer with a real GPU.

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