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Hi! I am Lillie, I have been in SL 6ish month's. Not active all that time though, RL sometime get busy. I like to explore Second Life, dress up my pixwl doll, am trying to take some photos and today I joined Bellisseria :) Love everything in SL, what I seen anyways. Hope to make new friends :) 

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Yay!  Thank you all SO much for sharing.  It is only fair that I do the same.  I posted a brief in one of the other threads around here somewhere, asking about Lindens, but I will offer more here

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a fairly ordinary boy, with a fairly ordinary name, who went to an ordinary school and had reasonably ordinary friends around him. But even as this boy

I´ve always been on the darker side, metal and rock clubs, alternative modelling with colourful hair and tattoos and torn fishnets, spikes, you name it. I´ve had my fair share of RP in dark urban adul

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Here goes nothing :D

Hi, I am Ash. I have been on and off of SL for about 10 (going to be 11 in June) years now. I like to explore and roleplaying in SL; I mainly do Equestrian RP and hang a lot around Equestrian related Sims! In real life I am also an Equestrian; I have ridden on and off starting from when I was thirteen years old to now (30 Years Old.) I am both horseless and barnless at the moment (also the Pandemic has slowed things down a bit lol); so am back on SL. 

I recently moved to the UK to be with my husband and still getting used to being settled here lol. We originally met online in 2007 (not SL though lol!) Got him to try it out when I first started but he lost interest, so it is just mainly me who jumps on and off. 

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