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Who are you? We want to know

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Yay!  Thank you all SO much for sharing.  It is only fair that I do the same.  I posted a brief in one of the other threads around here somewhere, asking about Lindens, but I will offer more here

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a fairly ordinary boy, with a fairly ordinary name, who went to an ordinary school and had reasonably ordinary friends around him. But even as this boy

I'm young. I've been young for a while. I'll always be young.    My taste in music is eclectic, so wide in scope and variety that it would be impossible to tell you everything that spins my beani

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Hi, my name is Celene. I call myself Mermaid Celene in world. I am a blind Second Life user and I use a text-only viewer called Radegast. I have been a resident for nine years. My SL hobbies are: fishing, trivia, hanging out with friends, volunteering, exploring, and collecting ball gowns in every bright color known to man. I love shopping and finding freebies! My inventory is full and getting fuller every day. :)


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I dont know how to do this.


But i will try.

I am Kan Zul,profile like 5 years old,but wasnt active until covid restrictions kept us inside walls.

So here i am,a regular after February.

I speak almost any language 2nd life residents speak(8).

And understand a bit more.


So language aint my barrier.


I like to discover new sims

Make new friends

Help new comers to fix em up(the family helped me when i came,so i am giving it back)

Travel with meetro

And hunt for long suits.😂


Interactive side,

Im close to being a psychologist,so i listen a lot,and being part of IT sectors,i like talking about that More.

And im down to anything hell or heaven



 time is limited.

Imma post if i remember more.

Hit me up anytime for a guidance to some awesome sims iv been to.



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This is actually a tough question, after all second life is /has something for everyone. But, if we base the question as to who we are .....online, we are all here roleplaying whatever it is that interests us at any given moment. Sometimes I am a dragon but mostly I present as a human avatar. 

If you are asking about offline life, well that is no ones business online tbh. Very few know much about my offline life because I did not come here to share that.

Do I treat every avatar well? Yes I do. I don't care how the avatar presents itself I do care about how that avatar affects me. If it has a negative impact to me I will just leave it alone. Mute and leave. EOS Keeps down on drama and hard feelings. 

Mostly I will treat you like I want to be treated, with respect.

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Hello, I am Angelus van Engelen, a Dutch writer (in RL and in SL) and I live in Sweet Grass/Regal in a rented villa with a nice garden. I made the story of my avatar like this:

Angelus travelled from the Netherlands to Villa Rudolfo and took the furniture from the fin de siècle legacy of his great-grandfather. He was also a writer and secretly gay. His great-grandsun Angelus has furnished villa Rudolfo with the furniture from the legacy and his own purchases. In the house there is little library, a William Blake room, a Yukio Mishima room and a Lewis Caroll-Alice's tea party at the gazebo. The park has a fountain, a 'tombe for all residents who are no longer with us,' an orange grove, a nightingale tub and a butterfly gate (wich is closed for ages). There are books scattered around in the park and there are portraits of writers (Edgar Alle Poe, Mary Shelley, Oscar Wilde etc.) in the villa. The books and portraits have voices. Click on them to hear them. From time to time he would like to invite other SL writers or lovers of literature in his salon.

Angelus is mostely well dressed, kind and well mannered. But he also has an animal and wild side. He knows the language of several animals. His spirit animal is an owl.

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Who is stellarissima? Good question, I joined SL like three days ago, so I have yet to form an idea concerning what I enjoy doing on SL. Still trying to figure out what BoM, Mesh, rigged, Applier, skins, etc. mean. Once I've read every guide/watched every YouTube video there is on how to make an avatar, I'll probably try and immerse myself fully into the various social outlets this vast world has to offer. So far I've had zero interactions, unless you count two fellow newbies adding me out of the blue. Joining a medieval/fantasy themed RP is high on my list, and to possibly play out some fantasies of my own. We shall see, first I need to make my avatar look as pretty as I feel.

Who is stellarissima in real life? Yet another good question, and probably one that would be the easiest (or the most difficult one, but I don't enjoy philosophy) to answer: Eater of meals and unwanted sharer of many desserts. Enjoyer of history and archaeology, skincare and fashion, partying and couchpotato-ing.

Feel free to message me here or in-game, I'd love to make some active friends, especially ones that in or around GMT +0. (Europeans, where you at?)

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Hi everyone! 😁 I'm Cree🌈 and new to sl but not to new to virtual life and R/P (12yrs Imvu) I have to say  so far I love Sl and most the people I have come across here. It was definitely a challenge getting my avi set up (thank God for tutorials! shoutout to yall who share you are the GOAT🐐)

The most nerve wrecking was finding a furnished home that I loved ( I still have not tried my hand at decorating here) 🤣. Currently looking for a beach home and or active community( if you know any please send me a message IW)

I'm fun loving down to earth woman who loves to laugh, travel, shop, try new foods especially new wines lol🍷experience different cultures and most of all meet like minded people who are not full of themselves ( or full of bs 😅). I am very active now that I have time ( we all know why lol #rona). 

Shoot me a message lets hang out 💋**Adults only 


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thought i posted here :0 guess not

im tewi! im just a funny cat drifting around cyberspace... in sl im usually a) aforementioned white cat b) a variety of other walking animals c) an anime girl or d) a dragon????

im pretty chill and just here to vibe and create , i draw / mesh / animate when i'm not working on my sim (which i finally am realizing after a year of yearning and planning, yeehaw!)

in reality i have no idea what im doing and im too afraid to ask


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I'm Peotyre,

I like a lot about avatar, especially in asian ethnics beauty, been in SL for at least 5 years now. Not very frequent log in resident though. I like to talk out of the restrictions box (with bounderies in moral grounds). Like manga, Japanese culture, Korean beauty, tech savvy. 

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Hi everybody! I'm Lola. I'm 20 and from the UK. 

I know first hand how lonely SL can be, especially for newcomers and oldies alike! My IM's are always open for anything, deep conversations about the universe, small talk, anything to make your SL even the tiniest bit brighter. I also have discord too! I really enjoy movies, series (I am obsessed with disenchantment right now, it's probably a lil unhealthy at this point >.>) I'm such a little kid at heart, I love anything animated but I also have a love for the old movies, pulp fiction, Shawshank, dirty dancing! Hit me up inworld - Lola Heartsong ❤️ 

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