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Non Human Avatar Search (Mall)

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once upon a time, i used to shop at north star av mall.  

and everybody had a vendor there!  furries, ferals, strange aliens, cartoon creatures, chibi furries, tinies, robots, it was a smorgasbord of the weird and wonderful.  but then north star gave out a notice it was 'relocating' somewhere.  and... it never made it?? 

rocket city fur meet closed it's mall section, so now...  i can't find one conglomerate location for non-human avatars.  (and trying to search the marketplace...  seems to NEVER work.)



so i'm trying to find a 'mall' -- a collection of different vendors in one place (also, i will want to rent a spot there).  and it has to be not on an 'adult' sim.  if you know of one, can you please throw me a landmark in-world if you have time?  or if you can tell me here a store/place name i can find in search.  anything!  (or maybe they're just all on adult sims?  :/)



now, i know about Isle of Wyrms.  i went there, and it seems to be in the middle of being under re-construction?  i'm not sure they're taking new rentals, or if anyone is going there...


and of course i know about grendel's.   they have a TONNE (and i buy a bunch from them), but they're still just one vendor.  (that i know of, unless they changed?  no, they barely had room for their own stuff.)


i did find a nice place for breeder's choice/teegle/waterhorse horses and rats, with lots of vendors and shops for rent, but most of those seemed to be add-ons for the horses and rat avatars...  so that was kinda limited.


thanks a bunch!

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Malls are much less common than they used to be in general. There are a few still up, here and there,  but lately it seems like everyone has their own sim, or shares with two or three other people, resulting in a few large stores per sim rather than a bunch of small stores/vendors grouped together mall-style. 

...so the difficulty in finding them isn't just you. As far as if any for furries do still exist and where...I sort of doubt it, but wouldn't rule it out. Can't point you anywhere specific, though. 

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Malls don't really exist like they used to but I am pretty sure that one of the main furry clubs still has one; I think it's probably the GYC I know the landing spot is one side of the mall and you have to walk right through it to get to the teleporter to the club.

I think Furry Fashion also still has a section for other vendors.

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