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Finding roommates , good friends ! Free Housing.

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Ignore the rental post I made on the other forums, right now I just want to focus on making friends, as well as people to chat with and willing to cherish the community I live in, and ofc some friends to live in this house with even.

I am looking for roommates, who are willing at be good friends with, I dont just want random residents, but ppl to talk with and share their story, or maybe hanging out together! Nothing much to ask just dont cause trouble in the community ! And follow some simple rules.

This is the about  house:


Q1: How is the community?

A: landlord is hella friendly, they also have smallcommunity events, from what I was told, there are around 16 land tenants in that area.

Q2: What can I access as a roommate? 

outside the house, you can access the water area (swimming, sailing etc)

 in this house, you are accessible to what I have already decorated.

Anything attached in the photos !

Q4: What about the rooms ?

I currently have two rooms upstairs, one with a small wardrobe room and one without!

If you dont mind people sharing rooms with you ! And you dont cause trouble. 

IM me at : Alic3W (nimu)

Or email me: alicehsieh3892@gmail.com

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If roommates wanna bring close friends over yo share a room , its totally okay too! Just make sure you bring them over too ! Or ask them to IM me 

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Update: I got IMs and because I'm from GMT +8 sorry for late replies. Currently found one room mate, looking for more! If you wanna come live in or shortly use the rooms IM me and yes it's free :D

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