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➤ Surface: 4096 sqm - 64x64 m
➤ Capacity: 1875 prims
➤ Fees: 2063L$ / week
➤ Theme: Tropical / Beach
➤ Ground: Sand
➤ ⚠ No Club ⚠
☑  Residential / Commercial / Adult
☑ Animals / Terraforming
☎ Support: KimaDinzelPropertiesAgent, Joshua Kimagawa, Awenbunny Lisle

Note: Our sims are restarted every day at 12AM SLT to keep maximum performances.
If you need more space or prims, parcels can be joined

 Visit our office Inworld     http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Delice Island/117/76/1821

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