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JimSqu Sunbelter

Finding item in another AV's inventory

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I need to be able to find out if an AV already has an item in their inventory or alternatively is attached to their body. 

My application is that they need to have a ticket (item/prim) either in their inventory or attached to their body before the item they touch gives out a prize or allows them through. Any examples would be greatly appreciated. 

I've played with IIGetInventoryType and IIGetInventoryName but they only see to act on the items contained with the prim being touched.


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I don't think llSensor can see worn attachments (the wiki says not) but llGetAttachedList can, so long as they're not HUDs.     That returns the UUIDs of whatever the av has attached, so you will need to loop down the list, checking llKey2Name and seeing if anything matches your ticket's name.


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