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On 3/9/2020 at 6:21 PM, Pussycat Catnap said:

Zooming the map out like this made me notice that Bellisserria/Jeogut connected is now most likely more contiguous sailing space than Blake Sea. Possibly by a notable margin.


I am not so sure about that the Blake sea is connected by protected waterways all the way around Gaeta V in in the North, much of Corsica,  much of nautilus including the NW side via routes through Corsica and connected a fair way down both sides of Satori. Connected to Fairchang in the West and Seychelles and the private regions out to Second Norway.

Bellisseria\Jeogeot will probably now beat the Sansara\heterocera waterways that are also extensive, (although admittedly alot of it tricky especially the Delta, and much of the Central Rivers), but I doubt it has yet surpassed the number of water regions that can be traveled on the Blake connected mega continent.

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06:00 SLT - Just had a look at the inworld map and have found approximately 96 new i̶n̶v̶i̶s̶i̶b̶l̶e̶  regions east of Bellisserria! And they all have names, not SSP numbers.

The region names are visible with maximum zoom.

They range from Hoople (1044,951) in the south-west and way up to the extreme north-east at New Leaf (1061,975).

The new regions don't (yet) seem to be one contiguous mass, they appear to be small groups of islands, or pieces of an uncompleted larger continent-sized landmass.


EDIT: 06:45 SLT - Some regions now visible on map, some could be the new log cabin regions which LL have talked about ? From above, they don't look like the earlier homes.


Immediately to the east of Bellisseria, the south-west corner (Hoople) of the 96 new regions....



And the far north-east regions, with New Leaf about a quarter of the way to bridging the distance gap to Satori continent....



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Altho these are already named log home regions, maybe they aren't the final layouts.   If they're not going to release next week, as rumor has it, they have some time to change things up. I'd be kinda surprised if they release nearly adjacent cloned  6 and 9 region blocks like this.



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It is easy to count house where they are bright orange. 20 houses in Soft Meadow, Brides Wish and Lost Cow. (clones)

Lots and lots of clones. I wish it would be a waterway through it.

I am hoping for a lake house. The bigger lake, the better. Those lakes that lie in the cross where 4 regions meet, are big.


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Yooperville sure sounds like the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! I should know, because I'm one of the "trolls" that lives in the Lower Peninsula. There are tons of trees and lodge type cabins up there. ❤️ I hope they name a region "Up North". That's the magical place where a lot of Michiganders head for weekend getaways or vacations. 

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