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Pony looking for a home

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Barn name: Bonnie (Show name: "Highlander's Sassenach". Show name cannot be changed.)
Breed: Highland Pony
Age: roughly 10 years old
Sex: Mare
Trained in: English, harness, lunge.
Bred in Scotland, Bonnie is a sound highland pony. Used mainly for work ie harness work, and pleasure riding, But could also be used as a children's pony for taller children. Bombproof but can nip at times. Stands at 14hh. Comes with harness and small wooden cart, as well as English tack, halter, and blankets. 

ooc info:

-Looking for experienced rpers that can speak English well

-Looking for historical/medieval rp, though a modern rp with appropriate space (i.e no beaches, you wouldn't keep a horse built for Scottish weather on a beach) is fine.

-keeping rp realistic (you wouldn't just walk up to a random horse and be friends with it asap, and you wouldn't put a small 2 year old on a working pony's back.)

My times online can be sporadic at times, with a job and other commitments. PST. Message ariyastonehall (Bonnie is my display name). Serious inquires only! 

highland pony_001.png

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