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Draco Omlet

Missing/Broken media_plugin_cef

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Ok so I have done the complete uninstall reinstall check the virus programs and so on and NOTHING is working to fix the issue. I have tried other methods including any and all stated on the forums and still it is not fixing this rather frustrating issue. I have went as far as to uninstall all third party and download the basic LL viewer and still is not working and yes the media_plugin_cef is white listed and even tried turning off my protection and still nothing. Please fix this, patch the issue or something otherwise people will start abandoning SL all together over such a frustrating issue that your team should get fixed ASAP.


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I have had this today too. I've been away from second life for ages. Here is a rough and dirty reply as I've not had time to thoroughly check it out.

I have Firestorm viewer as my standard. I upgraded both Firestorm and the default Second Life Viewer.

I found that the default viewer started fine, however Firestorm had the error you found. I have Razer Central to launch all my games including Firestorm BUT NOT the default Second Life viewer. When I launch Firestorm NOT using the Razer launcher, it starts up fine. As I said, I haven't fully checked it out so maybe the next time I start Windows (I'm using 8.1) it won't work again. Interestingly too, even though I can log into Second Life on Firestorm when I get the error, I cannot move much and it's VERY laggy. Without the error it's fine with no lag. Hope this is of some help.

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