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Jake Belleza and Blender Issue

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I have received the Jake Belleza Dev Kit from Belleza and am a Blender user. I have 2.79 and 2.72 for various needs and Avastar 1.7.1 for Blender 2.72 and Avastar Bento 2.3.2 for Blender 2.79.

I have done my best following the instructions given by Belleza to convert the rig to Avastar/Blender and as far as the rig goes it is functional but the issue is with the mesh clothing floating dramatically away from the body, I've gone so far as to suck it up into the body itself and while it does get it closer the issues that creates moving forward are just silly and not useful. See the picture for what I am getting. 

I work with most of the other major Dev kits and while each have their own quirks this one is something special lol.  If any of you talented mesh makers have over come this I would love to know how. 

All the best,


Jake body Issue.png

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This issue was already been brought up here


I explained there what the problem is. Apparently, the OP in that thread has found a work around it, but no actual solution

Hope it helps

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Thank you, I had read this a few times. Since there was no solution offered I thought maybe something had changed, for instance avastar has limited Bind Pose support now, more Jake users etc. 

Perhaps the opportunity cost is too high for Jake....


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