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Club EPIC! is Hiring! [DJ & Hosts]

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Epic Entertainment, is looking to expand its family of DJs & Hosts as it continues to grow strong. Our community is mixed with furries, and humans, but all avatar types are welcome here.

Now, I know the first thing you want to know, is what is in it for you? 
- You will receive 100% of your tips, as you should. 
- There is no program / genre lock for DJs. We want our staff to have fun, and happy staff is generally ones that don't have people watching over their shoulder all the time.
- No Experience Required. - We are more than willing, and capable to teach aspiring DJs & Hosts. If you require some guidance, please make note of it in the application 
- You'll be working at a club that constantly pushes to improve itself. From sim-decor to contests powering through the weekend, it all happens at Club Epic.

Now here, is what we expect from you.

- No Zombie DJing/Auto Greeters. We want our DJs to interact with the patrons, if you're live mixing and using voice, that's fine. We don't want anyone feeling like the DJ is just sitting on auto-pilot and unresponsive. Music speaks volumes, but talking to your listeners, that keeps them there.
- 2 Hour Minimum Per Week (One Set). 
-  No Auto Greeter / Robot Hosting.
Hosts are basically, conversationalists with a tip-jar. You're getting tipped to greet patrons as they walk into the door, and interact with them once they've decided to come inside, so using an auto-greeter, or copy and pasting stuff so you don't need to type it out... that doesn't fly here.
 - 2 Hour Minimum Per Week (One Set). 

If you've made it this far, what more are you waiting for? Our application and landmark are below, so if you just want to apply without seeing the club, feel free, although I do encourage you to come take a look at the club as well. 

Our Application is here :  https://goo.gl/forms/cd8NHXYDnqjOObxX2
Our Taxi is here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maureen/79/64/22 

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