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Heyo! ^^

I was hoping you guys might have suggestions for places to shop that might have items that give (either temporary or not) plates/bowl attachments of food to those who click it?  I've worn myself out with MP searching. ><

More specifically, I'm looking for ramen/asian styled noodle dishes that can be served to others on touch---but since I'm on the topic, I am all for taking suggestions to look at anything food-related!

I'm not overly concerned on if there's an eating animation coupled with the item given, but if there is, then even better!

I'm also not being picky on prim count or a price range for the serving item.


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Daebaucheri and Frangipani Garden come to my mind, but I fear the first one is on a hiatus right now (but MP store is still there). Frangipani is located in Kiyomizu mall in Nepessing sim, mabye you will find more Asian food by other desigers there as well ... (Frangipani makes more exotic and sweet stuff)

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