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Acacia Falls RP Community - Looking for you


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Acacia Falls Family RolePlay Community 

Come Visit the best Family RP community, recently expanded again to 12 SIMS.  We even have an adjacent Adult RP Sim ( Owned by someone else), that is connected via ferry

Our 11 sim community is just what you're looking for.
Fixed Rates at 1.5 L per prim at all locations. 

 Choose from our pre-set Housing or bring your own home
  (Conditions Apply)
▶ Next Gen Adoption Cener.
▶ Singh's Automotive Headquarters
▶ Motorcycle Club
▶ Fully Functional Radio Station down town.
▶ Ability to set your own Radio Streams at home.
▶ Parcel Privacy available, 
▶ Adjacent Adult RP Area for those who are so inclined.
▶ PD and FD Hiring as well as many other RP jobs
▶ All walks of life welcome furries, Robots, and human.  
▶ Hospital, Local Clinic and Midwife Service
▶ Community with a fresh look on things.
▶ Limited LIFE2 & BEYOU compatibility already present, you are welcome to add more!
▶ Shops and Homes available ! Come set up a store in our business district! RP or actual Sales Welcome.
▶Working City Government in Place
▶Kayak, Swimming, Jetskies on the newly expanded "Acacia Lake" and "Paradise Point"
▶Bring your boat over and take a sail!
▶Concert Stage for bands too use ( Local band Performs)
▶7Seas Fishing
▶ Hiring PD, FD, Medical, School, DOT, Animal Clinic and Many More local businesses

▶Acacia Falls, Always Beautiful, Always Evolving Always getting better.◀


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Job listings at Acacia Falls RP Community:

Mayor - Zizi Hyde (ZiziHyde)
Dept Mayor - Ela (Elanessa)
Chief of Staff - Windelyn Serenity
Special Investigative Commission - Mace Vaughan (1Mace1)
District Attorney - Rosie Nitely (Arwyn Silverweb)
Asst District Attorney - Vacant
Property Tax Administrator - Vacant

Acacia Bank
Teller - Vacant

Acacia Falls Educational Center
Principal - Frannie Fizzle
Vice Principal - Vacant
School Nurse - Vacant
Preschool Teacher - Frannie Fizzle
Kindergarden Teacher - Vacant
1st - 5th grade Teacher - Vacant
Middle School Teacher - Vacant
High School Teacher - Vacant
PE Teacher - Vacant
Adult Education Teacher - Vacant

Acacia Falls Medical Center
Chief of Staff - Celeste Dreamer (celestejardin)
Chief of OB/GYN - Celeste Jardin (celestejardin)
Resident - Roslyn D. Noir (carlie8855)
Chief of Pediatrics - Frannie Fizzle
Chief of Emergency Medicine - Jewels1989
Attending - Akemo Eternal (akemo draegonne)
Intern: Emergency Medicine - Jack Altman (jack91939)
Chief of Surgery - Vacant
Intern: Surgery - Jack Altman (jack91939)
Chief of Psychiatry/Mental Health - Zizi Hyde (ZiziHyde)
General Resident - Kade Sonu Aftermat (Kadedra luckstone)
General Resident - Lexy D Hunter (lexyrain5)
Interns - Residents - Attendings - Nursing - All have vacancies 

Acacia Falls Fire Department
AFFD Chief - Joseph Gilmore
AFFD Emergency Responders - Sovrano, Cowboy 
This position always has vacancies

Department of Transportation
DMV - Hannah Lyric (hanzworld)
DOT - Vacant
Garbage Tech/Snow Plow - Vacant
Taxi Driver - Vacant

Owner: Glad Kidd

Veterinary Surgery
Vet - Hazel Tiger
Receptionist - Roy Tiger

Acacia Falls Police Department:
AFPD Commissioner - Perris Raine
AFPD Chief - Sovrano (Acting)
 Captain - Vacant
AFPD LT - Vacant - To be promoted from within
AFPD Officer - This position always has vacancies
AFPD Detective - This position always has vacancies
AFPD CSI - This position always has vacancies
AFPD ESU - This position always has vacancies
911 Dispatch - This position always has vacancies

Acacia Falls Herald:
Editor-in-Chief - Rosie Nitely
Managing Editor - Bree Parkin
Print Manager - Ela
Columnist - Zizi Hyde
Photographer - vacant
Reporters:  Setsuna F Seiei
This position always has vacancies

Baker - Vacant

AFTS Taxi's & Tours
Owner - Mikal Kips
Drivers - Vacant

NGI Adoption Agency
Owner - Tommy Numbers (hunter.fischer)
Intake Caseworker - Safira Parkin-Miliardario (taylor1 rayna), Evalynn Mayfair (saidieedyn)
There are always vacancies for Intake Caseworkers and helpers

Isaiah Singh
Roy Tiger

Tito's Pizza
Manager - Bree Parkin
Delivery Driver/Cashier - Vacant

Chill Cafe
Barista - Vacant

The Coffee Shop
Barista - Vacant

Singh's Automotive
Owner - Ramesh Singh
Sales Rep - Vacant
Mechanic - Brietta Lexico

Acacia Falls House of Peace Ministries
Founder - Zizi Hyde (zizihyde) & Celeste Dreamer (celestejardin)
Pastoral staff - Vacant
Sunday School Teacher - Aiden Winslet (This position is always looking for staff)
Worship Team - Vacant
Administrative Staff - Vacant
AA/NA/OA/Alanon Facilitators - Vacant
Greeters/Ushers - Vacant
Faith Educators - Vacant
Events Coordinator - ღDemi Pierceღ (bishhyyangel)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 416 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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