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Suzy Hoof

Recording sounds.

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Sure. You just need to ensure the file meets some specifications.


Functional Spec

  • 10 seconds max
  • PCM WAV format, 16-bit, 44.1kHz, mono.

Second Life supports in-world sound clips, which can be played to all residents within range. The maximum time any clip can be is 10 seconds, requiring longer sounds to be stitched together. There are various LSL functions that can be used to play sound clips, as well as a built-in system for gestures. Uploading a sound clip costs $10l, and the clip must be compatible with SL. As the Knowledge Base says, "Valid sounds are any .WAV file in standard PCM format, 16-bit/44.1kHz/mono or stereo (which will be converted to mono anyway), less than or exactly 10 seconds in length. (10.000 seconds is fine, but 10.001 will fail to upload; to the degree of one sample makes a difference.) Sounds cannot be saved as 8-bit, 22.05 kHz, or any other frequency. Sounds in other formats can be converted in most sound programs. There is currently no support for compression formats such as MP3."


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On Mac you can use Garage Band to create your own sounds or drag some other audio file into it (search Free Sounds online) and then edit the clips for what you want and upload into SL.   In Windows pc you can use free program like Audacity to do the same thing.  Then inworld go up to the menu bar and click Build, then click upload sound and follow the prompts.  There is a small linden fee.

You can use your sound inworld by means of Gestures, which is probably what you're thinking.  Create a New gesture and add your sound and create any text to go with it and even set it to hot keys and you're ready to go.  Press your key,  there's your sound.  Make sure you have "sounds" volume turned up in your sound settings at top right of screen.

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2 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

On Mac or Windows - use Audacity (open source sound editor)

Shhh, hint: it exists for other OSes too ?

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