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Help to find an item

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i saw a guy using some kind of HUD or something to sit,he sat on a chair instead of the ground,i dunno if its an item or some hud,can someone explain what is was and help to find those kind of itens.


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Hi Ale!

There are lots of ways to sit in Second Life, and lots of things to sit on.

  • You can sit on most objects by simply right clicking them and choosing Sit.  Stand up again by either clicking the Stand button that appears at the bottom of your screen, or right click your avatar and choose Stand from the context menu.  You can also sit on the ground by right clicking it and choosing Sit.  The Sit On Ground animation is different from the Sit on An Object animation.
  • Your sit pose will be the default avatar sit, unless you are wearing an Animation Overrider or AO.  AOs contain animations that replace the dorky default avatar animations for walking, running, sitting, standing, etc.  You can find some free ones, and ones with a wider variety of animations in them can be found at the major animation stores like Vista, SEMotion, GA, and Tuty's, among others.
  • Some furniture has sits and other animations built in.  To use these, LEFT click them.  You may need to click an "accept" button in a notice before the furniture will animate you.  A menu will appear, allowing you to choose between animations.  These may be animations for single avatars, or couples animations (cuddles, or, um, more explicit activities.)
  • There are a very few pieces of furniture that are intended to be "wearable".  These are useful in areas where you are not allowed to rez objects, but still want to pull out a chair or a sofa and sit on it.  In the case of these objects, you don't actually sit on them.  You right click on them in  your inventory and "ADD" them to your avatar's attachments.  The chair or other item contains a pose which makes your avatar appear to be sitting on it...but it's an illusion.  You are actually wearing the item!
  • Some practical jokers have items that can "follow" another avatar.  They are invisible, but the owner can "sit" on them.  When they do, the owner of the follower object appears to be clinging to, or sitting on, the targeted avatar.  If someone plays this trick on you, the best response is to simply teleport to another region.

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