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Prokofy Neva

Enjoy Ravenglass Where House Prims Don't Count!

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Come to our flagship sim, where house and skybox prims don't count on your count! 

Enjoy a gorgeous sim in the Old World on the Hidden Lakes with a mix of vintage prim craftsmanship and beautiful modern mesh buildings and decor. Visit the nearby land preserve and boat around this historic area to see all the sights.

Waterfront with Barnesworth Anubis' new Terrace Villa - RENTED
Teleport to Ravenglass
$500/600 prims

Or live in Barnesworth vintage Case Study house originally created for this sim in 2004.

Teleport to Ravenglass - RENTED
$500/600 prims

It's fun to compare and contrast prim and mesh, old and new!

Or rent Barnesworth's villa as a skybox.

Teleport to Ravenglass

$250/300 prims

Also see the new USB Gamma skybox where you can select your wall colour and outdoor scenes.

Teleport to Ravenglass

Also some other waterfront lots available:

Teleport to Ravenglass
$800/900 prims waterfront

Teleport to Ravenglass
$600/700 prims waterfront

Also some great options in the Land Preserve next door to Ravenglass -- some new skyboxes in a little Spanish village:

Teleport to Carlisle

$150/150 prims skybox

Or live in a boathouse:

Teleport to Carlisle

$150/150 prims

In the sky above Ravenglass, you'll find the Celtic Mystical Forest where you can hang out, go on hunts for treasures, and look for surprises. If you like, stay in a little elf home for $25/30 prims.

Teleport to Ravenglass

There's so much to see and do, and such a nice bargain for your virtual living. Set home to here!







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