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Rare Beauty and exquisite view from this amazing luxury home in Andresson! You can sail or take your sea plane and fly all over the open seas around the world and enjoy world travel from your own dock and jettys. This land is  protected so you never have to worry  about a spoiled view and can enjoy your home in peace and tranquility. There is no covenant so you are free to use the land as you wish... It is your little heaven on earth! 55000L is a fantastic price .. parcels half this size normally sell for as hi as 40K. Hurry before it is snapped up.  You can visit it at  the following link by cliking on the link...  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Andresson/10/230/255b6da5cddfe44_boathouse_005.thumb.png.043688a1e39ce6fae88c87fd05f8cb03.png5b6da5d744869_boathouse_009.thumb.png.f45de497d6b2031d37ed91a70fa8abbc.png5b6da5d744869_boathouse_009.thumb.png.f45de497d6b2031d37ed91a70fa8abbc.png5b6da5c938fd4_boathouse_003.thumb.png.e952822e245f134c7c903ff798201819.pngRare beauty located in Andresson and available with or without the current beautiful home and accessories.  You can sail or fly anywhere around the world from here... and sit and enjoy sunset views and relaxing luxury home and atmosphere. Great neighbors and beautiful waterfall with dance area for romantic midnight dancing and parties. Includes a boat rezzer! Visit and take a look at the url below by cliking on it. Excellent price for land this size....55000L


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