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dymond Southmoor

Hanakoo Island Now Hiring! ( Family Roleplay)

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  Hanakoo Island, a family roleplay community is looking for workers that enjoy real roleplay! On sim, we have a hospital, police department, fire department, government positions, bank (functional roleplay money system), park, restaurants, functional phone and locksmith company, and lots more! Working on Hanakoo Island would grant you access to all of these facilities. However, we encourage workers to roleplay while on the sim and remain in character! Come on down to Hanakoo Island and roleplay with us and add to the history of the island.  


Below is a list of jobs available to those in the community. Note that all jobs are roleplay based and workers will be paid in roleplay bucks. Please contact the name of the person in (Name) for my details. 
1. Bank (dymond southmoor)
2. Telephone Company ( dymond southmoor) ------- Looking for an owner (must have norphone system already)
3. Police Department (jeff footpad) 
4. Hospital Staff (Doctors, nurses, secretaries, etc.)  (alicesboutique)
5. Department of Justice ()
6. Department of Transport- DMV (jacobia57.lyric)
7. Hanakoo Lock & Shut Door Company (dymond southmoor)

8. Minister of Land and Survey 

9. Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation

10.Minister of Finance

11. Secretary of Finance 

Note: if you would like to open up your own business please contact dymond southmoor 

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winterfell North/125/85/35


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